12 month seasonal BMEN Service (Wardrobe Edit and Personal Shopping) – 3 times x year

This Service Pack would include:

-All BMEN Services based on your preferences and needs

-Wardrobe Edits x3

-Personal Shopping x3

-Personal Seasonal Reports x3

-BMEN 1to1 Consultancy throughout the year

-Personal Stylist on all Annual Events

Virtual Styling when requested

It will be accompanied by:

  • a Personal Seasonal Dossier x3 , that includes an elaborate final report of the service, with new seasonal combinations, created exclusively for you, that you can get inspiration from.
  • photo with chosen outfits during the consultancy;
  • a list of referred shops where you can buy clothes easily and quickly;
  • advice on style magazines and/or books suitable for your needs.
  • Optional: grooming experience and/or spa, facial, and/or nutritionist assistance etc etc. x3 times, if requested

A Seasonal Consultancy with BMEN, it is a series of scheduled meetings during the year to establish new goals or realise new style desires. You’ll be guided through your transformation with a well-defined programme to help you gain full consciousness of your own choices of style.

The service includes a full style analysis and revamp, starting, if you need, from haircut and grooming, to wardrobe and accessories.

BMEN will help you create a versatile wardrobe to get dressed easily according to each season, it’ll show you how to put together outfits and find your ideal brands for your style. It will go through it selecting what is to go, what is to stay, what is to donate and what is to tailor.

And you could pick one of the amazing Exclusive Experiences: cuddling yourself to a selected barber shop, or a relaxing day at a SPA. Or go on a trip on a luxurious car that you might want to try before adding it to your collection, this and more…

BMEN will be available at all times to accompany your future necessities and the achievement of new goals.

Sooner or later the ones who win are the ones that think they can do it (Richard Bach)

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