To give you a 1 liner of how happy I am…. I stayed at the nicest hotel in Milan, ate at multiple Michelin star restaurants, went to the teatro alla scala… none of those were as welcoming, professional, personal, or able to give me the feeling of “this was worth every euro and second of my time spent” as my experience with you did.

I’m not kidding. **i don’t want to sound like I’m bragging about extravagant lifestyle or my money** but… I mean I’ve had 20 bespoke suits made in London and nyc, bespoke shoes in London, personal shopping in Paris, stayed at exclusive resorts, gone on high end trips with private jets and private yachts, etc. All of those were nice and I don’t regret them but I’m not exaggerating when I say the experience saturday is the only one I have ever had that when I left I had no thought of “that was nice but not really worth the money” or “that was nice but I could probably have done that on my own”.

Thank you for you style assistance!!! You did a great job and all the effort paid off! I will have a wonderful wardrobe thanks to you –  it’s not something I will ever plan to do without you as I respect your taste your ideas and your organizational skills- you are doing a great job and the following of the individuals you work with and keeping track of things is your talent as well as your taste.

I’ve done the Seasonal Color Analysis with B, because I saw the great results she had after a consultation she did with a colleague of mine. I tried the OnlyArmocromia service by itself but I definitely wanna go further with it, and start with her a whole BMEN experience.  Because even tho I do now have some base knowledge, I would like to see it applied based on my personal needs. Also I know she makes business travel capsule wardrobe, and as a man pretty much always on a plane, it could be of help. So I will keep you posted.

Nonostante il suo target sia prevalentemente basato sull’uomo, ho voluto provare i servizi BMEN perché mi ha inspirato gran gusto e autenticità. Mi sono quindi sottoposta a una prima sessione con Benedetta, e dopo quattro anni in cui non mi sentivo serena, nel giro di poco grazie alla sua professionalità e serietà ho capito che esistono piccoli accorgimenti che possono aiutare a sentirmi meglio e vedermi con occhi diversi. Con il suo occhio esperto e grazie ai suoi suggerimenti, in questi mesi non c’è giorno in cui non mi senta più felice quando passo davanti allo specchio prima di uscire di casa. Ho iniziato a viaggiare con valige in palette e fare uno shopping più mirato essendo sempre fedele alla mia “stagione” di riferimento; e quel senso di frustrazione che spesso mi saliva che automaticamente mi spingeva a comprare tutto di nero, è sparito.
Io sono un autunno soft, il mio armadio non è più solo nero, e sono felice di sentirmi me stessa e valorizzata dopo la mia esperienza con BMEN. Non è tanto per dire. I cambiamenti vengono percepiti anche da chi mi incontra quotidianamente. Piccole soddisfazioni.
Grazie B

BMEN has changed the way I feel about myself. I have worked with several style consultants and I finally found the right fit with Benedetta.
I’m a photographer and I usually travel a lot. With Bendetta I’ve found a balance between my business style and my travel lifestyle.
First of all I personally had an improvement in confidence, which it feels good to have, but also she made my life a lot easier because it is less time consuming for me to dress up in the morning, and I do not have to be stressed on what to buy or when to buy it because of her. I’m satisfied with her services and would definitely recommend it; but also I will continue to be in touch with her for my future needs.
Thank you B
See you soon to the next one.





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